Welcome to Passion of the floor!

I started this blog to follow my journey through my ballroom career, and events and competitions I attend.

When I started secondary school at age 11, I had a keen interest in performing arts, and the technical side of theatre, particularly lighting.
But one problem. My self esteem and caring about ‘what others thought of me’ kicked in, and I restrained my passion and kept quiet and hid away in the school library.

Thankfully my Mum worked for a production company, and I was given the opportunity to go an award show and experience the world of my dreams. Did it live up to expectation? Yes, it was one of my best memories from my school days!

On my return to school, terror re-instated I settled down to accepting what ‘people like me’ do, which was to keep your head down and be the good kid.
Year 8,9,10 & 11 followed the same formula.

But when I hit the Sixth form, with the support of my parents, I signed up to be an extra on the television adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry V. My Dad and Brother gained a part, but I was not chosen. I felt gutted but undeterred I went to the fitting with my family and I got to experience the pre-production of a TV set. Although I wasn’t part of the show, I still felt part of it just being there and the buzz was amazing. Fortunately for me someone dropped out and I gained the part French Soldier #17.

I then went onto do The Invisible Women, with Ralph Fiennes and New Tricks. Only walk on parts in the background, but every single part boosted my confidence.
Where does this leave me with ballroom? The years would go by watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and thinking “I could do that”. But in reality I still felt this panicking pain inside saying “Don’t do it, I’ll look stupid”.
Fast forward to January 2015. After years of battling various demons, I ignored my mind and followed my heart, and enrolled at a local dancing school. Since that day I have never looked back!

That’s the back story of where I came from, now the blog will cover my journey and will show how by following your dream, you and achieve your goal.


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